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Kindly read our privacy policy completely before utilizing the Coach hire finding company. Using the Coach hire findings website, you signify that you agree to all the terms and conditions linking to Coach Hire findings. If you do not agree to any listed information, please don’t use our website.

This document includes a set of information about on which basis we collect personal data from you or what you have given us and how we will use your data. If you are using our website or site, you indicate that you accept our privacy policy. Kindly do not use our website if you do not accept these terms and conditions.

UMSA Digital limited T/A Coach hire Luton (“us,” we”) is a registered company in Bucks, United Kingdom. Our registration number is 14039408. We have a Registered office at 58 Roberts Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP136XB, UK. We treat users’ personal information on our website with utmost care and secrecy and make possible efforts to ensure that your stored data is valid and secure.

Generally, we use your collected information to assist our partners who provide journey solutions to our website users, improve the features and our offered services, and assist our marketing and publicity actions. By accessing and using our website, you agree that you have read and understood our privacy policy and agree to the information collected from you. We change our privacy policy from time to time. So, if you want to get any updated information from our website, you need to check our website regularly.

Scope of the privacy policy

This privacy policy defines our policy and techniques regarding collecting, using, and acknowledging data about you. We understand that giving personal information online comprises a big deal of trust on your part. We take your trust very extremely, and our high preference is to ensure you that provided personal data is safe and secure. It is confidential information you use when you enter our website.

Information we collect from you:

Common information:
We collect and store general information that you enter on our website. This contains your personal information used to recognize you as a person or reach you instantly.
Your personal information consists of your provided data like your first and last name, postal address, phone number, email id, username, and passcode. We need this information for your trip schedules, styles, and preferences.

Information collected automatically:

When you visit the website, we automatically gather some information from your device. For instance, we obtain travel data containing your IP address, your web browser’s software, and relating websites. We can also gather data on your online pastime, such as your recently and frequently viewed pages. Our aim in collecting this mechanical data is to help us comprehend our user’s attraction and choices and can customize our user experience.

We use cookies and other web technologies.

We also use cookies, as many other websites use, to allow us to personalize your visit to our website, making your signing-in method easy, keeping a record of your choices, and searching the usage of our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny bits of information stored in your computer’s hardware by your browser. Your browser will allow you to avoid websites using your browser’s cookies. But if you don’t allow our website to use your browser’s cookies, this will decrease the working of our website and other websites.

As with all websites, our servers automatically collect your browser’s “log files” consisting of data about the amount and characteristics of trafficking on our website, for example, IP address (Internet Protocol), several viewed pages, and how much duration is consumed on a website. The goal of using log files is to find how our website is used, which will help us to control and increase our services.

Why do we use your information?

General reasons:

Coach Hire finding uses the collected information about you for these general reasons:

  • To give you the service for what you asked for.
  •  For telling you about your booking confirmation and giving the latest updates.
  •  Help to manage your account and travel information.
  • We use your data to address you generally, like giving answers to your questions and observations.
  • Customizing your website experience.
  • To gather information from you, consisting via internet surveys or reviews by our partner company.
  • Use data to fix conflicts and troubleshoot issues.
  • Prevent illegal activities.
  • To enforce our privacy policy.

If you have signed up as a partner, we will send an email message to you at the email address. If you have signed up for an account, you can correct your provided information and change your account’s settings. But if you become our partner, your contact data will enter into a different secure system ( KashFlow) to make your monthly bills via email.

Communication through Email:

Our website intends to make it better for you to clear your queries. We send you to email messages containing information about the requirements you need to submit related to your travel plans. You have the option of not receiving any email messages if you have decided not to travel through Coach Hire Finding. You need to submit a request to our email address, and we will stop sending you any further updates.

We share your data with these entities:

We may share your data with the partners who fulfill your travel necessities. Third-party partners give all services on our websites and their related websites.

  • We use your data for innermost causes such as inquiries, bookings, and booking-related occasions.
  • Keep note that our third-party partners will contact you to get other extra information much you or your plans for the trip, to help you to get a reservation for your travel, and for additional purposes needed as already described in terms of use and privacy policy.
  • Our third-party traders deliver services such as consumer services, business logic, commerce, survey distribution, and prevention of conspiracy on our ends. Our third-party vendors have the author collect data on our behalf to regulate the aspects of our website. Also, they help with online advertising of our site. Our third-party partners have a complete record of your personal information. They may use your data if needed . Our partners have no authority to utilize your data for other causes.
  • We offer services with our partners altogether. You will get to know when the third party gets involved in your requested service because the name of our third-party vendors will appear with our name or separate. We may share your private data with these partners. We can not regulate the secrecy method of these third-party business partners. We may also share information if we find any suspicious activity in your information and browser; in such cases, exposure is important.
  • We share your data if we get an order from the court. We will share your information for the legal process, maintain and stabilize our legal treaties, and protect against legal cases.
  • We can share your data to examine, prevent, or take action against illegal or presumed unlawful activities. We use your information to protect the rights, equity, and protection of Coach Hire finding, our clients, and in connection with basic terms and conditions and other policies.
  • Share information for purposes Connected with business trades, such as a divestiture, confederation, union, or selling an asset, in the event of default.

We may also share anonymous information with third parties like collaborators and visitors. For instance, we share information about how many people visit our website as visitors. This information does not contain your personal information, and we use this information to generate the content and actions of your interest.

For how long do we keep your data?

We collect specific data from your use of the site(“Coach Hire Luton”) in our libraries, consisting of logical causes as well as for record-keeping purposes. We keep your information stored for a specific period depending on the purpose of obtaining your data and utilizing it. We will not keep your private data for a longer time than it is needed for our trading and legal activities.

  • Certain types of journey data will remove in 3 months.
  • Data of customers will remove after 1 year after their last visit.
  • Data of anonymous users remove after 3 months of the last visit.

Your choices matter for the use of your personal information.

  • You can decide if you don’t want to share your personal information with us.
  • You have complete freedom to know about what kind of your private data we have stored by connecting us via our email address or meeting with us at our address is given below

58 Roberts Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP136XB, UK

  • We honor your personal information, and we don’t buy or lease and share your private data with other persons or non-associated firms.
  • We try to assure you that your stored data is used only for the reason it is collected. We assure you that your stored data is accurate and safely secured.
  • We may also send you other communicative and organizational messages as your website usage.
  • We might also send you emails from time to time to encourage our marketing strategy. You can unsubscribe from our mailing list if you don’t want to get emails from our website.

Many websites have a help toolbar that will tell you how to refuse a browser from receiving new cookies and want a notification when your browser gets a new cookie and how to destroy cookies. But if you refuse our website from using your browser’s cookies, you can not use our website properly.

How we secure your data

We want to make you feel confident whenever you use our website for planning and booking your vehicle. We protect the information we collect from you on our website. No websites guarantee their security, but we take all manual, technical, executive, and organizational steps to protect your provided personal data. We protect your data against unlawful and unauthorized access, use of exposure, damage and loss of data, and changes in provided data. Our authorized workers can access your given data, and they use your data for company use.

Added external link

Our website also has external links to many other websites. If you reach these websites from the links given on our website, these operators will collect your data from your browser and utilize your data according to their privacy policies. Every website has its privacy policy different from other websites. We suggest you read their privacy policies before using the websites and giving any personal information.

Your calls are recorded and monitored by us.

We want to tell you that calls to and from Coach Hire Finding might be recorded. We use the call recording for monitoring our customer services. We also can use your call recording for many other reasons, like checking whether your provided data is accurate, preventing scams, and training our crew. We store your call recording for a specific time to execute such activities, and then we delete your call recording.

Amendment in our privacy policy

We alter or modify the privacy policy of Coach Hire finding in the future. We will note the date on the top of the page on which an amendment was previously made to our privacy policy, and these changes will affect upon posting on our website. We request you check out our privacy policy regularly to keep updated about our current version.

How can you reach us?

If there is any questions related to our privacy policy and you want to delete or modify your data stored at our end, contact our data protection officer at UMSA Digital limited T/A Coach hire finder 58 Roberts Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP136XB, UK.

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